Spring Loaded Cats

Current Rejection List


Here are some recent rejections of my writing.


Dear Ben Josef, 

Thank you for submitting to Booth. We appreciate the chance to read your work. After careful consideration, the editorial staff has decided that we are not the right market for your current material. Best of luck elsewhere. 



Dear Ben Josef, 

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to read “Kuntz”. Unfortunately, we don’t think it’s quite right for The Knicknackery. 

Thanks for thinking of us, and best of luck placing your work elsewhere! 

Best, [editor]


Dear Ben 

Thank you for checking out Jelly Bucket and submitting your work. Please know that we’ve appreciated the chance to read your ficton submission. We’ve decided that this submission is not the best fit for our upcoming issue, but encourage you to continue editing and submitting your work. 

We wish you luck as you continue with your writing endeavors. 

Best, [editor]


Dear Benjamin

Thank you for sending your work to A-Minor. We appreciate the chance to review it, but won’t be using this piece in the magazine.
Thanks again and best of luck with this.
Dear Benjamin,

Thanks for submitting “Child, Missing” to Midwestern Gothic—we greatly appreciated the chance to read it. However, after careful consideration, we don’t feel the piece is a fit for us.

We really did like your style, though, and we hope you’ll submit to us again in the future.