An Open Letter to Southern Drivers in Icy Conditions

To all those pickup and SUV drivers on the road out there, I realize that when you’re able to cruise along these winter roads problem free and you come up on a sedan going 10mph, I’m sure it’s super frustrating. But listen, we with the small cars driving like octogenarians are driving like that because we CAN’T drive at the same speed as your F150 or you Trailblazer. Small cars do not have the same tread depth nor base width to handle the same conditions as your badass 24-piston whatchamacallit. So all I’m asking is, when you see us out there, struggling to get home (or in my case, to work) on the icy streets like newborn fawns learning to walk on a frozen lake: Don’t ride our asses. Do give us a wide berth when passing us by. Realize that you’re not the only vehicle on the road and that all things are not equal. Also consider that when you’re coming up on my side with about a foot of space between us, that my car on ice is like an epileptic at a Pink Floyd laser light show; prone to spazz out right in front of you, taking you down with me.

Sincerely Yours,

Daniel Day-Lewis from My Left Foot


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